At Liberty & Lace in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, you will enjoy a sensual photographic experience, while I create beautiful images of you in the boudoir style, that will make you feel relaxed, confident and very sexy.  Reveal as much or as little as you feel comfortable, it’s your choice. 

It’s erotic on your own terms, which can be hugely empowering, allowing you to show and celebrate your own sexy.  With boudoir photography, the images are more suggestive than most other forms of glamour photography; it’s all about what’s implied, rather than seen. 

Love the Skin you're in...

Some women want the images to share with a loved one or just for themselves; giving them an injection of confidence.  No matter your age or size, the boudoir photoshoot is designed to make every woman feel sexy, and in control. Women have many reasons for wanting this sort of photography, be it a milestone in their lives, such as getting married, or after having children, and don’t forget birthdays and of course Valentines.


The genre is gaining in popularity as an erotic gift for a loved one.  The boudoir photo shoot is a great way to engage with your inner goddess, show off your body and feel absolutely gorgeous, and then take home some beautiful images.

So whether you are looking for an injection of confidence, or have always simply wanted to experience a Boudoir photoshoot, Book your own Liberty & Lace shoot now.




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