Complimenting the beauty

I am often asked, "Will you re-touch and edit my images?"

The simple answer is yes, absolutely!  However, my aim is not to transform you into someone you are not, and you are unlikely to really notice what I do to your images.  It's all about making subtle changes and enhancements and doing it sensitively.  Have you ever noticed how as humans, we only notice things that look out of place, and never that those things they are no longer visible or apparent?  

The retouching will remove anything that's not really part of you, such as spots, bruises cuts and generally anything that doesn't contribute to the beauty of who you are.  I'll even happily remove tattoos and scars if you request it.

If, like many women after childbirth, you are worried about stretch marks, cellulite and a little baby fat ruining your images, they are all removed, either by careful posing and lighting, or through sensitive post editing.

Furthermore, this is all part of the package, you don't pay any extra for the retouching, and EVERY image finished for you, is carefully retouched to my high standards; providing you with beautiful images that you will treasure for years to come...

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"But all your clients look like models!"

They do don't they!  And you can too.  What are you waiting for? Get your date with Liberty & Lace in the diary...

Boudoir photography by Liberty & Lace