Lightroom Presets

I like to feel that my style has evolved to one that works for my imagery and my customers appreciation, and in the process of creating the finished images, I have developed a standard set of Adobe Lightroom pre-sets, that are often the starting point in my image processing.

I've decided to offer the bundle of pre-sets for sale, and this is the page you can find out more about them and how to purchase and install them to your installation of Lightroom.


For help in instaling the pre-sets, it's best to check the Adobe site as the requirements change depending on operating system and Lightroom edition. Click the link below for instructions:

These pre-sets were created in Lightroom Classic

How to install Pre-sets and Profiles in Lightroom (

Please note that these pre-sets assume the image has a roughly correct exposure, whether straight from camera or after some initial adjustment in Lightroom to suit your style. All the variants below were created with a single click of the pre-set from the original image (also shown here).

Moody Blue

My Moody Blue collection adds a cooler atmosphere to an image, and often works really well with darker scenes, but work great for backlit images too.

Although when I apply a pre-set, I expect to do a little bit of tweaking, such as to the overall exposure, I have created three versions for normal, dark and light to make it a little easier


Probably my first go to pre-set before trying anything else, the Peachy set is my favourite for creating a bright warm image in even light.

Like the Moody Blue pre-set, there are three for different exposures.


This used to be my fist choice as a starting point for most of my work, and I often use it now as a starting point for a warm toned image, with soft highlights.

Black & White

And finally, what collection would be without a Black & White conversion.  I always use this as a starting point for my Black and White images, usually followed by a Curves adjustment to suit the image and the mood I'm after.