Milk and Flowers!

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Well this Liberty & Lace photo shoot certainly introduced some new elements for me, namely about 3 galloons of semi-skimmed milk and lots of colourful flowers, which all turned out to be great fun :)

Carmel is expecting her second daughter and requested a bump shoot involving a bath, lots of milk and flowers! I'd seen some examples of the sort of images she was after, and with all the ingredients in the bath, we set about creating some art for her :)

This was a double shoot, (check out the offer on the packages pages), and her mum Dawn (of Rock and Rollers fame), wanted to join in the fun.

It was not all milk and flowers, and we also took the time to grab some more typical images of them both.

Hope you like the results, and if you are interested in your very own Liberty & Lace photo shoot, (milk not necessarily required!), then head over to the Packages pages on my website for more details...

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Jules x

It would have been a shame to not show off Dawns fabulous red hair, so very few Black & White images are evident from this photo shoot.

Even Dawn wanted to join in the with the milk and flowers, and I found her Rose tattoos went well with the flowers in the bath :)

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