Updated: Aug 30, 2020

This week saw the lovely Louise experience her Liberty & Lace photoshoot. :)

She was dropped off by her husband who then went off into town, giving us two hours to shoot some gorgeous images. Louise is not a complete stranger to a bit of modelling, which made directing her from one pose to another an absolute breeze, and allowed for several changes of lingerie.

This was the first client shoot with the new room setup and with the new bed, which I think works even better for this genre than the previous metal framed one. Hopefully you will agree?

Once again we got to play around with mirrors, and it's always interesting to see what different angles, posing and lighting can produce with the different clients. They have now definitely become a theme in my photoshoots :)

Louise brought a great selection of lingerie, much of it from Ann Summers and I always encourage my clients to just bring everything and anything, even if we don't end up using it all' and don't forget some nice high heels...

Although the package Louise chose provides 24 images as standard, I always use that as a minimum, and I'm sure she loves her 60+! images that were all finished and delivered within 24 hours!

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Jules x

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