Updated: Oct 12, 2019

This week saw the lovely Rachael experience her first Liberty & Lace Photoshoot, and her first ever shoot of this kind. As usual we aimed for a couple of hours but just as it often does, the shoot turned out to be considerably more! Time does indeed fly when you're having fun, and Rachael definitely enjoyed her time in front of the camera, as I'm sure you will agree the pictures show...

I was especially happy that we got to try something completely new at this shoot, with a shot under a sheet, creating a white, bright, high-key image, which works well in Black & White.

Although customers are free to bring as many changes of underwear as they want, we usually find there are just a couple of changes needed, once we discover what is going to work, but of course its always a great excuse for you or your loved one to buy you some new underwear :)

Learning from my wedding photographer days, where is was important sometimes to get a range of images without having to move the bride around to much, I usually try to get a few shots from a single pose. It helps to limit the effort for the customer and a different angle can create a whole new look.

I generally shoot for black & white with most of my images, but finish anything that works in colour as well, so my customers get the choice of both.

Sometimes all it needs to be is a beautiful portrait... I don't often use artificial light, but if used carefully, it can certainly make a portrait pop.

For this addition of the Liberty & Lace blog, you get to see a couple of images showing a little of what goes on behind the scenes, thanks to my phones' timer function and a little bit of improvisation. Yes, she's under that sheet somewhere :)

Behind the scenes at Liberty & Lace

Behind the scenes at Liberty & Lace

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